FreddiCello trailingsystem

Enkel slepesko for sveising i høylegerte materialer

PrisNOK1 875,00 inkl. mva.


Furick Designed and Built Fully customizable Trailing system ( YOU WILL GET RANDOM COLOR !!)

Mounts on any cup from Fupa12 up to SSBBW, but RECOMMENDED FOR BBWSG-19 and SSBBW. NB! IKKE INKLUDERT!

System Features:

# Bendable and adaptable to Many Different Welding situations and Tube Diameters

# Swivel design allows easy aiming

# Removable Pods you can only use 1 sprayer if you desire


  • 20-40 CFH
  • Taper down the system down to your work piece. its not going to shoot gas like your cup does in a strait spray . At the cup side it should be about even with the end of the cup then angle the system as it gets away from the cup down to your work piece.
  • DO NOT lay silicon body on hot material
  • DO NOT CUT OR CHANGE LENTHS OF TUBES OR HOSES Remember gas will flow faster in path of least resistance so a shorter path will get more gas .
  • Try to allow the system to not be pulled or in tension as you use it , Everything is calibrated to use as it sits in Free form .
  • do not remove screens they are inserted in certain way , If you want to be nosey then please label screens as they come out in order to get good results upon reassembly EVERYTHING MATTER